4 things to know about Landscape Photography in the Sutherland Shire

Peak Hour at Cronulla Rock Pools

So, I just caught 4 redbacks on our balcony last week… For the record, I do not like this type of nature photography. You can thank me later.

I’ve been photographing around Cronulla recently, trying to find new angles and secret, hidden spots. As the weather gets cooler, I’m going to be moving my way into the National Park – as the trees become enveloped in mist. I’m having lots of fun and have seen some wonderful sunrises recently.

I’ve recently noticed a few photography-related things, and would love to share with you what I’m learning:

  1. You’re not alone.
    There are many photographers on location who are also out with me. You all have some sort of a camera right? So of course I’m not the only one who loves this. South Cronulla Pool is a particular peak hour spot at sunrise; as you can see in the shot above, captured this morning.Some mornings I get pretty frustrated. If I have an image in mind, but someone moves in front of me, I usually move and often end up with a shot lacking in composition. Today, I just waited the others out, and got my shot after they’d moved on. After the sun has risen, we sometimes get to have some pretty fun conversations. It is great to see other people’s perspectives of the same location.
  2. Know your Equipment.
    The better you know how to use your own camera, the better your photos will be.Sometimes I wish I was more of a tech-head. No, I don’t always know what the Canon equivalent is of a Nikon or even what camera you might be using. This is always going to be a discipline for me to study the latest and greatest cameras, monitors, printers etc. But I know it’s still important.

    Even with the simplest of cameras, if you sat down with the manual, you would learn so many things that you didn’t even know your camera was capable of. Of course practice is a huge component here too.

    I have been fortunate to study other successful photographers and teachers; learn what they are doing right and follow their example. This began at TAFE, when I studied photography, other teachers along the way & I am also incredibly blessed to have a husband who does enjoy this. Thanks Matt!

    But nowadays, Matt isn’t always photographing alongside me. I need to know the details of my camera to know how to use it properly in every situation. I am also continually working on my retouching skills. This is something I do NOT have the patience for, but I am learning. I still love the simplicity of slide film in this matter – I love my lab. Totally recommend them if you ever need any retouching, printing or framing – Created For Life.

  3. Use your Creativity. 
    This probably doesn’t appear in your social media feed as much as mine; I follow a lot of landscape photographers. But every 2nd photographer seems to go Iceland these days. I have no idea why, I hate cold weather. Anyway, they get to an amazing place, take what they think is an incredible shot, but then after seeing a few, they kinda look a bit… boring, same/same?This is because, you need to add some excitement to the shot. A shot of a mountain, isn’t good enough. Drama of some sort needs to be added. This can often be accomplished by adding scale to the image Eg. placing a person in the shot, including something in the foreground to make the shot look 3D, and waiting for some drama to happen in the skies or the water.

    Well, one of the reasons Cronulla Rock Pool is so popular, is because a beach is actually kinda hard to photograph. There is nothing in the foreground on an empty beach. Things end up looking small and distant. A rock pool is a great subject to easily add this foreground interest, plus they do look pretty. You might just have a hard time being there by yourself at Cronulla.



  4. Photograph ConstantlyThis is the most important thing I’m learning at the moment. I am currently not in the position to be able to photograph every sunrise and sunset, or even travel much at the moment. Chances are, you might be in a similar boat too. However, like anything, the more you practice something, the better you’ll get. Sometimes I feel like I miss all the ‘epic’ sunrises/sunsets, but if I’m out there enough, it will be happen when I’m there.

    To improve your technical skills, composition and creativity you can achieve great success, by just taking your camera with you and photographing constantly.

    Until next time!

    Warm Regards,