A Stormy Day

The wind is howling through the crack under the door, the thunder is rolling and the rain is pelting down on the roof. I am now cosy and inside, yet earlier today, whilst photographing this shot, I felt anything but cosy.

Whilst capturing this image, I felt a little bit like I was playing paintball. In-between photos, I had to duck down behind a concrete wall that lines the steps which lead down to the tidal wall at North Cronulla. The gale-force wind was so strong I kept loosing balance just standing here. I had to hand-hold this photo, because I doubt the tripod would have made much difference. I couldn’t see anything on the back of my camera and the sheets of rain were drowning my camera, that was not in any waterhousing. I did use a plastic bag, but that was utterly useless in 2 seconds. 90% of my photos were significantly crooked. And this almost-calm-looking photo? was the result.