I have recently watched two movies about two people who did everything within their power to bring their passion to life and make the world a better place. You may have seen them, as I really am not up-to-date with the latest and greatest movies; “Walt before Mickey” and “Jobs”. If I do watch a movie, this is my favourite kind of entertainment these days.

Walt Disney and Steve Jobs both saw a need and then did everything in their power to fulfill their dream. And how much have we all benefited from their aspirations! Well, this may or may not have anything to do with me, I just love to photograph. But it’s still pretty fun to be fulfilling a dream.

Our latest adventure away from the Sutherland Shire was in June. We stayed at a little town called Wingello, in the southern part of The Southern Highlands. We made sure that we booked a place with a cosy log fire and yet I still went outdoors in the early hours to freeze my fingers off. This photo of ‘Frosty Dam’ was at a little dam in a field not far from where we were staying. Behind the dam you can see some pine trees, and you can see a lot of pine tree farms in this area. They are very beautiful.

Matt and I have no end to discussing, planning and dreaming when we’re away together… And most of it may be dreams, but I love to show you that feeling. I want to show you what we see when we dream and what is colourful, hopeful and exciting. What a challenge to bring that emotion to a 2D photograph!

But even more than that, I believe we have an incredible designer who made us and our world, and I want to see what He has done. I know there’s a whole world out there with incredible things that I can’t get to at the moment, but I don’t have to go very far. As we are always saying to our daughter, Georgie, to look with her eyes and not her mouth, (Mummy! I can’t find it.)

Well, I also am learning to look with my eyes.

Until next time!